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I am a survivor of Stage 4, Group 5 Gleason 9 cancer. A preclinical study supported by the FL, NON PROFIT SurvivefromCancer association, which I founded, has opened up a more than promising therapeutic avenue against cancer. This is non-toxic and accessible (repositioned drugs, food supplements), open to innovation (inhibitors, treatment).

Following the first scientific publications and with the help, among others, of Pr. Maurice Israël, an in vivo trial (mice) sponsored by our association, by Dr. Eric Berg and myself, was successfully carried out. by a private laboratory. The therapeutic principle consists in inhibiting the SCOT enzyme and the associated enzymatic chain, depriving the tumor cell of its acetyl coa necessary for membrane synthesis.
We need help from researchers and laboratories interested in studying and developing the formula. The next step in the study would be to choose the best SCOT inhibitor (by spectro.IR assay) by testing an initial list of identified candidates. I want to give away all of this research and solutions for free to any lab interested in pursuing this work and can enlighten us in return on the best possible choices of dosages and the best inhibitors.

Terminal phase cancer detected in August 2018 (called Incurable): Prostate, bone, lymph nodes and metastases Stage Phase 4 Group 5 TNM Gleason 9 Survival between 3 months and 2 years. Thanks to fasting, food and nutrients, the Samouraï is still there!

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